Shop Shoes You and Your Kids Will Love!

We’ve all been there- shopping with the kids for shoes. You’re trying to strike that crazy balance between what’s good for the budget and what they'll actually wear.
As if that weren't complicated enough, when it comes to shoes, you need to factor in what's good for them. It can be tough, but at Runnin’ Wild Kids, we've got you covered.
In this article, we're going to talk a little bit about buying the right shoes for your child, and why sizing and quality is important.


Shopping for shoes is a little different than shopping for other clothes. Unlike other clothing, the shoes you choose can have an impact on the way your child's feet grow.
Buying shoes that don't fit well– or low-quality shoes, can cause damage to little feet. The damage can be lasting– it can impact your child into adulthood.
Kids do a lot of walking in a day. And running, and playing. Not only do their new shoes need to durable, they need to fit well.
Because our kids' little feet grow so fast, you should take care to measure them every time you buy shoes. Shoes that are too small, too wide, or too big can have an impact on your child’s overall foot health.
One of the things we hear about often is parents who choose shoes that are too big so their kids can 'grow into them'. Unfortunately, oversized shoes don't offer the right amount of support for growing feet. They can also cause painful blisters.

Shoes that are too small or too tight can cause a range of foot problems, from bunions to problems walking. Especially in the first several years, children's feet can grow fast– up to two foot sizes per year. After that, the rule of thumb is about a shoe size every year.
Take into consideration the amount of wear and tear that your child's shoes will need to endure. A seven-year-old will do a lot more running around than a fourteen-month-old, for example.
Make sure the shoes you choose offer the support your child needs in the stage they’re at. Shoes should fit right while offering adequate support.


Durability is important. Aside from outgrowing them fast, kids are notoriously hard on their shoes. A brand that's built for kids should be capable of withstanding some abuse.
At the same time, they should be flexible enough to allow for comfort.

And Appeal

And, when it’s all said and done, the shoes you choose need to be shoes your child is happy to wear. At Runnin’ Wild Kids, we stock a selection of shoes that your kids will love.
Our line of affordable canvas running shoes will delight your child.
And the best part of all? Your kids can take part in the process of choosing their shoes. After all, there’s nothing quite so exciting as receiving a package in the mail, and the anticipation of receiving their new shoes in the mail is great fun for kids!
So for the perfect shoes for your kids, and the perfect shopping experience, check out our Runnin’ Wild Kids line of kids shoes today. It's simple, just choose your shoes and place your order!
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